The Best Way to Locate Expired Domain Names

1 Aug , 2017 News

The Best Way to Locate Expired Domain Names

Think about it. Buying an expired domain name is a huge advantage. Imagine hitting jack pot and getting a domain name that has a full backlink profile and traffic – and you can have it all for the price of standard domain fee.

You can use expired domains as part of your private blog network and build an authority site with link juice that can rocket launch you through the competition.

So, how can you find this gold mine and the best method to locate expired domain names?

There is various software solutions on the market that can get you incredible results, but today we are going to talk about the best method that can bring you back great searches and high class expired domain names.

  1. Keyword Method

Once you define your niche, you can enter the keywords that you are targeting and hunt for expired domain names that has the keywords in the name. When using software for this method, it will most likely show you various active websites that rank for a specific keyword – yet, they link to this expired domain name that you can acquire.

  1. Website Method

For this method you can use crawlers that look for broken links on high ranking websites like Forbes, CNN etc. As time goes, you’d need to get faster and develop a sense for this method as most of the website owners are aware of broken links and fix them timely.

  1. Reverse Method

This method is done via software or web application. You can look for a specific domains backlink portfolio and then revers scan all the backlinks that come from an expired domain name.

  1. Auction Method

Easy one. Look for marketplaces that sell domains via auction, target them by keywords, and once you get expired domains on the result page – scan them for backlinks and ranking history.

  1. Web 2.0 Method

You can look for expired domains that have been used for web 2.0 and re-register them so you can point the links to your network.

So here you go! These are the best methods to find expired domains on the market and use them for your personal blog network or building an authority site. You can also use the expired domains for their traffic and forward them to your domain via 301 redirect.

Now that you know the secrets, would you use the benefits of expired domains for your company needs or website?

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