The 10 Best Domain Name Generators

1 Aug , 2017 News

The 10 Best Domain Name Generators

Spent a lot of time trying to find a perfect URL? This is where domain name generators often come in.

They are useful when brainstorming unique website names, especially if you want them to carry a “brand” feel. In addition, many generators offer the opportunity to insert a desired keyword if you are focusing on SEO, so that your URL is not completely randomized.

Here are the 10 best domain name generators.


This gem allows inserting words in different languages. There’s a quality system responsible of giving the word a better sound and feel.

You can select a word to start, contain, or end, providing a result that closely matches your website’s description. Wordoid will tell you if the word is already registered.

Domain Name Soup

It’s handy for people willing to create all marketable combinations. These are some of the choices it provides:

Cool names: Good for branding.

Business names: A professional touch is added to the inserted words.

Premium names: Gives the choice if you’re willing to spend extra money for better quality domain names.

Other options include using typos, hyphens, and random combinations.

Name Mesh

They look forward to ensure your domain name is fun, brandable, and SEO-friendly. It preserves the inserted word and adds a short suffix. It also shows a variety of mixed words that sounds authentic.

The system also displays available TLDs and tries to keep words short for added value.


They describe themselves “The Original Cool Domain Name Generator.” It helps generate domain names, company names, and assist you with their registration.

Insert a primary and a secondary keyword to give the system something unique to work with. Two unique aspects include the ability to use hyphens and rhyming.


You’re first asked to insert two words. It then shows you a good mixture by adding catchy suffixes. You’re even provided with many other words similar to the ones you had chosen.

Like other services, you’re able to see words already registered and the ones available – then you’re connected to register them with ease.

Bust a Name

With a very friendly interface. You can select beginning and ending words, the amount of characters, hide words already taken, and display only your desired TLD in the results.

If you see more than one domain name, you’re enabled to group and save them to keep track. Their registration options vary, allowing you to choose between them.


Unlike other domain name generators, this one lacks certain fancy options.

Select the amount of characters, a preferred TLD, and you’re good to go. If a domain isn’t available, the system will notify you when it’s available, just create an alert for it.


Very good for branding. Assign beginning and ending words, or choose randomly-suggested ones.


Great generator with all the expected options. Free registration required.


Ideal for high budget webmasters. It provides great choices, if you’re willing to invest.

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